Can the right driving school make a difference?

According to, Tennessee is 16th worst state in which to drive. But according to Allstate Insurance, the City of Chattanooga ranks as the 10th safest city in which to drive! Why does this matter? Because the most prominent driving school in Chattanooga is Haman's New Drivers, which has been training Chattanooga teens for over 24 years using DriveTechUSA's curriculum. We have an instructor supervisor who periodically rides along to verify each instructor is complying with the program.

What about cost?

While some so called schools operate from their home and cell phone and charge a few dollars less, the initial savings of a few dollars is all they can offer. However, in the long run, we offer a far greater value! How? Let's examine the costs of collisions.

According the Federal Highway Administration the minimum cost for a collision is $2000. The average person has a collision once every ten years! If you drive for 60 years (lifetime) and remain collision-free, that is a minimum savings of $18,000! Is $18,000 worth a little extra investment in the beginning? No other school gives you the tools you need to achieve a lifetime of collision-free driving.

The instructor was GREAT! gave the class an easygoing feel, which made it simple to grasp the lesson, The overall Class was AWESOME! the combo of the people, the instructor, and the course material, it taught what was needed in the time provided, and there was not really anything I thought that could have been improved on.
- Xavier F.