TN Licensing

  1. Is a Learner's Permit required for BW lessons?
  2. No, however, to practice between lessons a permit is required.

  3. What is the minimum age for a Learner's Permit?
  4. 15

  5. What is the state fee for a Learner's Permit?
  6. Contact the DMV

  7. When does a Learner's Permit expire?
  8. One year after issue

  9. Can a Learner's Permit be renewed?
  10. Yes, must retest if expired more than 6 months

  11. Who must be in front seat beside a driver with a Learner's Permit?
  12. Parent, guardian, or licensed instructor for those under age 18.

  13. What is the minimum age for a Driver's License?
  14. Age 16 after holding Learner's Permit for 180 days (eligible for intermediate license) with 50 hours of parent supervised driving.

  15. When does a Driver's License expire?
  16. On birthday, 5 years from issue year.

  17. What type of Driver's License does our graduate under 18 get?
  18. Age 16, intermediate license

  19. How do we set up a Road Test for Lesson by Lesson students?
  20. We do not set up tests for Lesson by Lesson students. We DO NOT allow our vehicles to be used at the DMV for road testing.

  21. How do we set up Road Test for teen course students?
  22. We can test student eligible under CDTP guidelines at our Northgate Mall location. If the student is ineligible, we can take student to DMV to test using same procedure as Lesson by Lesson, fee is $150 for 3 hours test prep and test at DMV

  23. What are CDTP guidelines?
  24. Must be a TN resident who is 16 years of age and completed the teen driver's program with us within 6 months of testing, must get instructor approval.

  25. Is an appointment with the DMV required to take the Road Test?
  26. Yes

  27. Is an appointment with Haman's required to take the Road Test?
  28. Yes

Haman's Courses

  1. How does the program work?
  2. Change this.

  3. Is a contract required?
  4. Yes

  5. What is the price of additional teen lessons after chosen course?
  6. $50 / hour, 2 Hour Minimum

  7. Do we pick up the teen students for their in car lessons?
  8. No, the lessons are scheduled from the Northgate Mall location .

  9. Do we offer pick up for lesson by lesson?
  10. No, the lessons are scheduled from the Northgate Mall location.

  11. What do we teach?
  12. We follow a Student Instruction Outline, which helps the teacher to tailor the training to the individual student. It covers everything from basic car control to advanced defensive driving skills and road test maneuvers

  13. Do we offer point reduction classes?
  14. No.

Haman's Policies

  1. Refund Policy
  2. $50 Registration fee is non-refundable. All other refunds are at manager's discretion for issues within our control. Credit card refunds will be applied to the card which was charged. No cash refunds for credit card purchases.

  3. Is there a discount for 2 or more teens from the same family?
  4. Yes, $10 is discounted off the 2nd or 3rd student's tuition; the deposit fee is still the same.

  5. Do we train on a stick shift?
  6. No, we don't have a standard transmission vehicle. We find it better for the student learn on an automatic transmission.

  7. Can we train in the student's vehicle?
  8. No, we teach only in our dual controlled vehicles.

  9. Do we have a female instructor?
  10. Yes, in some areas.

  11. Can we teach the hearing impaired?
  12. Yes, we can teach using lip reading and hand gestures. We don't have anyone who signs for the deaf.

  13. Do we do motorcycle training?
  14. No

  15. Do we train for the CDL?
  16. No

  17. Do we offer a senior citizen discount?
  18. No, but because of our over 50 years of experience and the advanced level of training our instructors receive, we will be able to give seniors the training they need to learn successfully.

  19. How much is the teen course registration fee?
  20. $50

  21. Is the teen course deposit refundable?
  22. No, but transferable to another class

  23. What is the cancellation policy?
  24. Student must cancel before close of business on the previous business day to avoid the $50 late cancellation fee. In extreme cases a manager may waive fee

  25. What is the fee for Student No Show (SNS) for a in car lesson?
  26. $50