When it comes to driver training, only the best is good enough for your family's safety! With Chattanooga's most experienced driving school, you are assured of the best.

Reasons to Choose Haman's New Drivers

Quality Instruction in Collision Free Driving

  1. DriveTechUSA Training, exclusive to Haman's in TN, uses nationally recognized collision-free techniques
  2. Driving School Association of the Americas (DSAA) membership requires adherence to high ethical teaching and business standards
  3. American Driver and Safety Education Association (ADSEA) membership gives Haman's access to the newest research in the field of Safety Education

The Highest Quality at a remarkable LOW PRICE - PLUS

  1. Grads Referral Rebate
  2. Auto Insurance discounts given by many insurance companies
  3. Defensive driving skills are a great money saver because even avoiding a small fender bender will save you time and money

Rock Solid Business Reliability

  1. State Licensed since 1952. The first school to be licensed in TN!
  2. Better Business Bureau (BBB) A+ Rated Business

Top Notch Convenient Customer Service

  1. Our full time office staff is available six days a week- many competitors are operating from their home or a cell phone in their car
  2. On line scheduling of in car lessons available to you 24 - 7 at www.drivetimes4u.com
  3. A full service web site, informative and convenient for registering and making payments 24 - 7, www.hamansnewdrivers.com