Providing Effective Driver Education

Learn techniques that promote safe travels on today's dangerous roadways

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Our focus is on each student to help them become knowledgeable, safe, independent drivers. We teach students how to examine their surroundings and make safe choices in their environment.

Bought a package for my son. His instructor was both entertaining and had good knowledge. He helped my son to relax and drive. Thank you Hamans

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Advanced techniques explained in easy to learn ways

Since you only plan to learn how to drive once in your lifetime, let's do it correctly the first time!

At Haman's New Drivers, our main goal in teaching has always been the concept of collision-free driving. We stress the importance of the proper attitude and skills necessary for your new driver to achieve the goal of a lifetime of collision-free driving. While most schools shun the idea of starting from scratch with a new student, our highly-trained instructors welcome the opportunity to be your student's first introduction to driving.

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Our students are taught how to think rather than how to copy other drivers

Our instruction does not FOCUS on the road test material. Yes, we teach it. It's just not our primary concern.

Haman's New Drivers has always been about our students' knowledge, abilities and attitude needed to adapt to the ever changing highway transportation system and vehicles. We teach valuable techniques instead of relying on the technology available. Much like old-time math classes, we learn to solve the problem by hand and then you are allowed to use the calculator!

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