Beginner course appropriate for all skill levels

State Minimum Course

The state required course includes six hours of in- car training. This six hour suggested minimum dates back to the 1930's when traffic was very light and the complications of our modern highway systems didn't exist.

However, even in this short course, Haman's New Drivers does a great job of teaching vehicle control skills to prepare students for their driving test and introducing them to the skills and attitudes needed to drive defensively. Many of our students do well with this course.

Preferred Level Course

This popular course upgrade offers the opportunity for the student to start to develop the necessary habits needed to continue to use the material they learned in the State Minimum Course. Using our technique of Continuous Correct Practice, students are reminded of the necessary effort and commitment needed to develop the necessary skills and attitudes to remain-collision free. This course has the minimum behind-the-wheel time recommended by the American Driver Training and Safety Education Association (ADTSEA)

Preferred Plus Level Course

This course is much appreciated by those who want to excel as safe drivers as well as those who are a little apprehensive about driving because it continues the safe habit building process. Students choose this training to develop advanced observation and decision making skills much beyond that of the average driver. This course has the minimum behind-the-wheel time recommended by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

Course Features

  • Open to beginners of all ages
  • Our exclusive Expert Driving System
  • 25 Defensive Driving Techniques
  • Road Test Preparation
  • Insurance discount until age 25

We offer the most effective defensive driver training! Our exclusive Accurate Control Technique teaches each vehicle maneuver with one easy to learn method; then we add 25 collision prevention techniques to teach awareness, visibility, spacing and communication, because it’s failure in these areas that leads to serious accidents. Our school is the only school in the area capable of this advanced level of instruction.

Observation Skills
  1. 7 Danger points in forward path
  2. Avoiding collision causing eye fixations
  3. Mirror Checking Skills
  4. SMOG lane change procedure
  5. Indentifying 3 danger poings behind
  6. Timing of traffic lights
  7. Proper clearing at intersections
  8. How to read wheel checks
  9. Reading parked cars
Space and Visibility Skills
  1. 3 - 5 Second following distance
  2. Stopped 1,2,3 Counts
  3. Rolling 1,2,3 Counts
  4. Use of Diamond and Triangle spacing
  5. Choosing the safest lane at all times
  6. How to deal with tailgaters
  7. How to avoid being hit from behind
  8. Coordinating speed and space for collsion prevention and vehicle control
Communication Skills
  1. How to avoid dangerous blind spot driving
  2. How to use eye to eye contact
  3. How to use the horn defensively
  4. Communicating to control the car behind

Plus 4 addtional techniques for rules of the road application and practice methods to build these safe driving skills to a habitual level for a lifetime of collision-free driving.

Brenda D.

We had a wonderful experience with our instructor. Jim was amazing and helped with my daughters confidence behind the wheel. I just signed my son up as well and lucky us, we get Jim again. Best driving instructors hands down!!

Kristen S.

We highly recommend Haman's New Drivers. My daughter learned safe, defensive driving techniques that she uses every day. The way each class is broken down into skills needed to pass the road test for a drivers license made it easy for my daughter to quickly pick up these important skills without throwing too much information at her at one time. The staff was friendly, competent, and easy to work with.

Nancy S.

My son took the beginning driver's course with the 10 hour road tutoring. I cannot say enough about the school and especially the instructor, Mark Hennessy.

The school took the time not only to instruct on how to get your license, they taught him skills to be a safe and confident driver. I am very thankful to them because without them, I am not sure if he would have ever gotten his license.