What sets our school apart from the other schools?

Our main goal is to help each of our students achieve a lifetime of collision-free driving. We invest ourselves into each of our students. Many schools use outdated techniques (10 and 2, 1 car length per 10mph, etc.) and believe they are only trying to decrease the severity of the collisions their students will eventually have. We don't believe this is necessary. Using our techniques, we believe our students can avoid collisions and should take pride in doing so. We believe defensive driving is not just being aware of your surroundings, but also taking the necessary actions to make sure others' mistakes don't involve you.

Our school policy is to provide training in all conditions unless the government tells us to stay off the roads. We won't jeopardize the safety of other motorists just to squeeze in a lesson. We teach in the dark, in the rain, high winds and rush hour. We want to be a calming influence for our students in the types of driving that cause most drivers severe anxiety. We have had tremendous success with students who fear driving as well as those over-confident in their abilities. We often predict the mistakes our students will make while training because we understand why they make those mistakes. We don't just get into the car and drive around. We teach students how to control the vehicle and why other's do the things they do.

Parents are well-intentioned when teaching their children but, unless they have had recent driver training, usually don't understand how driving has changed since they learned. We like to work with parents and mentors as a team to effectively train our students. We welcome parents to ride-along on the lessons so they can reinforce the techniques and habits we teach our students. Working as a team will allow you to see how your student performs in the safe environment of our dual-controlled training vehicles.

Finally, if you've explored the rest of our site, you have seen that we can train almost anyone. We have been referred by other driving schools when their methods have not been successful or the student's health or difficulties are outside the capabilities of the other schools. We believe in our methods and techniques and consistently apply those techniques throughout our school. You can switch instructors and get the same techniques from each instructor.